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Investing In Real Estate the sure path to Financial stability

Written By: Kenyainvesta

Start buying your Property Now. You will be Proud of your decision for years to come.

Investment in real estate is one of the most certain paths to financial stability. Specifically, buying Land, a plot for one’s future home is the first big step to a stable successful future. For one, it is at this point that you start to bid the land lord and the worries that come with renting goodbye. Once you own a house, whether it is purchased directly or you build it yourself, it marks a big leap for many in life. Shelter being one of the basic human needs, elevates home ownership, especially for urban dwellers into a great achievement. It comes with big relief both psychologically and physically. This not only helps one save money for other important issues but also allows one to take bigger risks in life such as starting new business or investing in more risky ventures that if successful can change one’s life dramatically.

Talking to Kenyainvesta team, Kandi a former refreigeration technician who now runs his own business says that the best decision he ever made was to buy his 1/8 acre piece of land in 2002 in Ngong. “ I had no idea that this plot could turn out to be so important to me. When I paid for it, I had money that could have bought a bigger plot, but I did not. When I lost my job, my wife suggested that we start construction at our plot with the little money that we had saved. That’s what we did, but we ran out of money before we could complete the house. I borrowed some money to make minimal finishes to the house for us to move in, as I looked for a job. However, once we moved in, in spite of the many sections of the house being unfinished, it was the biggest relief we ever knew. Job searching was no longer urgent and and I even turned down a job offer because the duty station was far. Had this offer come before we moved to our house, I would not have had hesitated. Instead, I slowly started looking for small contract jobs. That’s how my current business was born”. Says Kandi. Kandi runs a small air con and refrigeration services company, but also has continued to invest in real estate. “ I think investing in land is now in my blood system. Whenever I expect to be paid a substantial amount of money, I always plan to buy a piece of land or in the least pay a deposit for one”.

Kandi is just one among the many who hit the right button. Mulinda, a sociology assistant lecturer at a college within Nairobi has some regrets. He was approached by a friend, who wanted to sell to him ¼ acre piece of land in Kitengela. The plot, he says was located in Kitengela at Chuna Estate. This was in 2004. “My friend asked for KSh 200,000. I had just receved a cheque of 350,000 after completing a two month research project, so I could have paid right away as I had nothing urgent to do with the money. But when we visited the area, it was during the dry season and I thought it was too hot and remote. There were some good houses coming up in the area though sparsely distributed. I certainly never envisioned that this place would turn out to be one of the most beautiful neighbouhoods in Kitengela”. He says. Mulinda ended up paying 1.2 million near the same location in 2009. In spite of missing out on the first opportunity, he is happy that he made the decision when he did, as the prices have since more than tripled. Inspiring stories as shared by our esteemed followers to be continued. Share your inspiring investment story with us today.

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